About Me

Hannah. Fledgling writer, aspiring storyteller, globe trotter, and occasional dragon fighter.

Some time ago I was born. Nothing has made much sense since then, but I carry on muddling through. In the meantime, I read things, go places and wear pyjamas more often than I should. Here you can find my musings about travel, books, films, music, politics, faith, fear and feminism.

My notable skills include my ability to bake eight dozen biscuits in a single sitting, my fantastic one-woman performance of Les Miserables, my encyclopaedic knowledge of useless Harry Potter trivia and my extraordinary knack for never paying the tagged price at Target.

I recently completed my university degree and am ascending, somewhat reluctantly, into Proper Adulthood. I hope to one day be a bona fide writer, or Beyonce. As the latter is seeming increasingly unlikely, I’m putting my chips on the former. Either way, there will be dancing and pina coladas.


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