Third Time’s The Charm

This will be the third time I’ve attempted to publish a post in as many days. If it works, I will take it as a sign from the powers that be that I am to continue blogging. If it doesn’t I think I may give up on this thing altogether, because clearly the internet doesn’t want me inflicting my opinions on the world.

It would be really nice, WordPress, if you could get your act together and let me write things.


I’m falling behind!

I am painfully aware of my absence from this blog of late. My aim was to update at least once a week, and sadly, recent events have forced me to deviate from that schedule. The point of this blog is to keep me writing regularly, for myself rather than university or work, to help me order and express my thoughts. I think the problem has been that lately I’ve had too many thoughts and no idea how to start ordering them.

I went away for a little while on a fantastic cruise (this deserves its own post) and celebrated my 21st birthday just yesterday (again, worthy of proper discussion, not mere passing mention), and I’ve started my final semester of my undergraduate study. I’m investigating my options for next year and working extra hours to pay off my end of year trip and trying to keep up with my reading schedule (studying Shakespeare and his contemporaries sounds like a great idea until they make you buy the complete works of Shakespeare and a significant collection of his mates’ work too). It’s been a busy time, and I’ve let my writing fall temporarily to the wayside.

I’m going to work on fixing this, on better utilising my time so I can allow myself a break to blog. After three years of uni and pretending to be a real grown up, you’d hope I’d have gotten the hang of time management and organisation. I have not.

Forgive me this placeholder post. Suffice to say I am still alive and have not abandoned my fledgling blog, and I’ll be back on track in the next few days